As well as studying ceramics at university (20 years ago) I also studied graphic design and business studies. The consequence of this is that as well as loving pottery I am also overly picky about the branding, image and look of any promotional or marketing material.  This has of course had an impact on the time it’s taken me to put together the website as I’ve been overly picky about how everything looks.  This has held everything up for my poor husband who has been trying to build my site alongside a 60 hour a week job of his own, sorry sweetie.  There comes a point though where you just have to stop being such a perfectionist and actually get on with things.

The process has been great in terms of pushing me to decide on simple things like branding and logo, something I’d been meaning to do for a long time.  But I’ve also been shocked as to just how long everything takes to do.  Uploading items for example involves not just taking the product images, something I enjoy due to a previous career in photography, but also having to categorise items, describe them accurately, price them all individually, the list goes on.  Because I run a Facebook page for my business alongside this site it also means that if something sells via Facebook I then have to make sure that I list it as out of stock on here.  It’s so complicated, well not really, but for someone that just wants to play with clay its an extra piece of admin that takes time away from that.

But here it is, finally, it doesn’t show all of my current stock, visit my Facebook page for that, but hopefully I’ll eventually manage to load everything onto here for you all to look at and hopefully purchase.  If there’s something you see that’s listed as not in stock then please get in touch as I can make pieces to order, but don’t forget to order early as items can take up to 4 weeks to be made from scratch!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope that you enjoy my site.  Future blog posts will be about clay, I promise!

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